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Re: Pixma TS9120 Won't Print

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Hi, Christinadina, pwnrichcreek, and GarryL.

The Print icon on the TS9120's LCD screen is intended for printing directly from an inserted SD card.  It does not control actions from the computer.  In order to print or scan from an interface on the computer, the TS9120 needs to remain on its home screen. Other screens (including the Copy, Scan, and Print screens) may cause the printer to respond to commands from the computer as "In Use" or "Unavailable". 


Printing is handled through the print interface in the program from which you're printing.  The common keyboard shortcut is to hold down the CTRL key (Windows) or Command key (Mac OS) and pressing the letter P on the keyboard once.


If the printer was registered to a TCP/IP Port, then it may lose connection in the case that the router changes network connections.  This depends on the router or modem's DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) settings.  I recommend instead removing the printer's entry, then reinstalling using the TS9100 series MP Driver (found on the TS9120 Drivers & Downloads page).


When scanning from the computer, I recommend using the IJ Scan Utility or, if using a non-Canon program, the ScanGear scanning interface.  These come bundled with the Canon-produced driver installation.  If the IJ Scan Utility isn't available, download and install the MP Drivers (once again, found on the TS9120 Drivers & Downloads page).


More information may be found at the TS9100 series Online Manual.


If you need immediate assistance with this issue, please call us at 1-800-OK-CANON (652-2666), Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET (excluding holidays).


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Re: Pixma TS9120 Won't Print

I have a Pixma TS9120 and I have been having a lot of trouble with not being able to communicate with my printer from my computer. This comment about the IP addresse resloved all of the issues! Thank you very much for this info!

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Re: Pixma TS9120 Won't Print

I found the best solution was to return the printer and buy one that easy to work with and the instruction were written so someone that wasn't a techy could work on and understand. I bought an Epson, a great piece of equipment and easy to understand instructions.

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Re: Pixma TS9120 Won't Print

I wanted to thank you for your response. I've been scratching my head on and on for months not being able to resolve my "printer won't respond" issue. Once I added a new port, everything started to work again. Yippee!


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Re: Pixma TS9120 Won't Print

Glad you were able to work this out. Keep this info handy, as I find that every once in a while I have to 'reset' the port again. 

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Re: Pixma TS9120 Won't Print

This very frustrating thing happened to me—immediately after scanning for the first time. I messed around with seeing if I could re-add the printer (I could not for some reason) but changed Secure Airprint to just Airprint in the settings and it magically worked again. Worth a shot?

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Re: Pixma TS9120 Won't Print

Hey all, got a quick fix for anyone that stumbles across this later.


What happens is that the printer gets a new IP address from your router (for who knows what reason). But anyways it did, and your computer doesn't know that so it fails to print.


These steps work on Windows 10 and don't require any uninstalling or reinstalling.


First thing to do is get the new IP address of your printer, either print a network configuration page or look at the network info on the printer screen. It will likely be similar to 192.168.1.XXX. 


Now go to your computer and go to settings -> printers.


Click on your printer and select "Manage".


Select "Printer Properties", this will open a new Properties window for your printer.


Click the "Ports" tab on the top bar of the new window. One should already be check called "Standard TCP/IP Port".


Make sure it's selected and click the "configure port" button.


You will see two fields up top with an IP address. Surprise! This likely doesn't match the info you pulled from your printer earlier. 


Adjust the second field "Printer Name or IP Address" to the correct new address you got from the printer. You don't need to worry about changing the name field. (it's just a name and doesn't affect anything).


Click Ok and close out of your menu options and your printer should work again!


Hope this helps anyone who stumbles here!



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Re: Pixma TS9120 Won't Print

You were absolutely correct. Since my first correction, it's happened twice more. Of course, each time I've had to recreate the fix process all over again so I decided to generate a step by step process. Hopefully this will help others.


1) Get the printer’s IP Address
   a. Press the COG on the Front Panel (Settings)
   b. Select Settings
   c. Select Device Settings
   d. Select LAN Settings
   e. Select Wireless LAN
   f. Select WLAN Setting List
   g. Select Print Details
   h. Respond with YES
   i. Network Configuration Page is printed
   j. Find the IP Address (about half way down the first page)

2) Find your printer’s IP Address
   a. Select Control Panel
   b. Select Devices and Printers
   c. Right click on your TS9120 icon
   d. Select Printer Properties (Note that this is not Properties at the bottom)
   e. Click on the Ports tab (Your printer port should be highlighted)
   f. Select Configure Port…
   g. The Printer Name or IP Address field contains the IP Address of where your computer thinks the printer should be found (this is more than likely different than the IP address found in step 1j. Change this field to match the value from step 1j.

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Re: Pixma TS9120 Won't Print

Well, mine stopped yesterday. But had an error & told me to stop the print, turn off the printer & also unplug it.

I did but it would never come back except to that error code, which of course I cannot find anywhere.

So we found the TR8620 that takes the same ink.

But I'd really love to get my TS9120 working again.

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