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Re: Pixma MX922 printing blank pages


My MG7520, all of a sudden, started printing BLANK pages and I scoured the web looking for a solution.

I tried pretty much every suggestion I found and nothing changed.


I then found your post and all of the requirements you listed were met:  all ink tanks were full, the printer was going through all of the correct sounding motions, the printer utility showed all cartridges had sufficient ink and the problem began no more than 24 hours beforehand.


I went throught all of the steps you recommended and did a nozzle check from the printer.



I have had this printer for years and have even removed the printhead just last year when the nozzle cleaning cycle of the printer just wouldn't clear up the spotty printing that was starting to happen. 

 I cleaned the printhead under the tap very thoroughly (per an online post I found) , let it dry overnight when I re-installed it and the printer operated like new.


This is the best printer we have ever had and I was really bummed that I would have to get a replacement one.

The reviews on most of the new Canon printers are really discouraging and I wasnt eager to shop for a new model.

My wife said I should go ahead and junk it.


But I said I would try your method and if it didn't work I would junk the printer.


Now I don't have to.


Thanks again,


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Re: Pixma MX922 printing blank pages

Our printer is suddenly only printing blank pages.  It will copy fine and it scans fine.  Two computers connected to it (one is wired and one is wireless) and both have the same issue.  Printer was working fine yesterday and suddenly this morning it won't print.


I have tried rebooting (PC and Printer).  I have tried completely powering down and draining the powerpack (unplugging and holding the power off button until drained).  I have tried uninstalling the printer and reinstalling the printer.  Nothing seems to work.  I even tried the advice that was posted about uninstalling the ink cartridges.  There is ink in the printer.


One thing to note, when I say that the printer prints blank pages, I mean that I send one page to print and it attempts to print the page and spits out a blank page, but then continually attempts to print and does so until I stop it.  When watching the printer information while it's attempting to print, it says that it's "preparing to print", etc. and prints the blank page, then it briefly says "offline" and then it's "online" and then it tries to print again.


Any suggestions?  

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Re: Pixma MX922 printing blank pages

Hi Krychwa,

A question.

Did you say you can scan and copy -- just not print from the computer?


I had a slightly different issure with my printer (MG7520) which was it wouldn't copy or print from the computer either.

The printer went through the motions (and sounds) of printing -- but just pushed out blank paper.


I went through the procedure suggested by another user on the forum, PDIT.

The last step was to remove the print head.

I did that and after re-installing the print head and ink cartrdiges, voila, the printer worked again.

Apparently doing these actions "reboots" the printer.


Just a suggestion.

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Re: Pixma MX922 printing blank pages

Danty, thanks for letting us know how you were able to restore your printer. As for mine, nothing worked and the printer is long since in the garbage. We replaced it with an Epson that has been working great for over two years, unlike its Canon cousin.

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