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Pixma MX-922 doesn't print Magenta on Test Page and prints Also B (missing black lines)

I've been working endlessly doing Cleanings, Deep Cleanings, Head Alignments and nothing helps.
My printer has probably only printed 500 pages since I got it new a year ago. However many pages would empty 3 of the little cartridges & the big one, just once.
Obviously I don't use it much. So can whatever is keeping it from printing the black test lines & lines of text properly be fixed somehow?
And what's with the M Magenta not printing anything in the 3 spaces where it says M next to when the other colors show there stuff perfectly there?
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Re: Pixma MX-922 doesn't print Magenta on Test Page and prints Also B (missing black lines)

I'm feeling a little dumb but relieved. Nobody had answered this so I took my printer to the place I get my toner at. He just said "Let's first pull out the toner cartridges and make sure they're all full."
He did that and both the Magenta canister and the big CP-250XL BK one were empty. He showed me how 1/2 of the canister is the resevoir and the other half is just a sponge.
I was baffled since the little pop-up hadn't warned me that these were empty. He said that is typical. The exact level isn't actually known or indicated by the pop-up. It only uses an algorythm to guess how much is left. He said that maybe a little bit had evaporated over time since it has been so long since I'd replaced these.
So, he put new ones in an VIOLA!
I'm good to go. I've created a Recurring reminder in my Outlook to remind my to print something at least every other week to keep things happy in the printing head. He said that I don't need to print both Black and colored stuff. The head doesn't really know the difference. That sort of makes sense so I won't worry about printing anything in color.

If that is wrong, I hope someone will see this and tell me.

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