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Pixma MP830 - scanning multi-page documents from platen

I have a Pixma MP830 and need to scan a large number of multi-page documents from the platen.  The documents are not standard-sized paper and some are fragile, so I can't use the automatic document feeder.


I would like to be able to scan each document into one PDF file, but I don't see anything in the owner's manual about how to do this (which makes me think it may not be possible).  In the past when I've scanned multi-page documents from the platen, each page was a separate PDF file, i.e., there was no way as far as I could tell to scan additional pages from the platen into the same PDF file


So this is my question:  On the Pixma MP830, is it possible to scan a multi-page document from the platen into a single PDF file?

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Re: Pixma MP830 - scanning multi-page documents from platen

Hi Russ,


To save multiple items and save them into one PDF file, the MP Navigator can be used.  To do this, please follow these steps:

 1.  Click Start, point to (All) Programs, Canon Utilities, MP Navigator, and then click MP Navigator to open that program.

 2.  Place the first item face down on the scan glass.

 3.  Click the Scan Photo/Document button.

 4.  Select [Document Type] according to the document to be scanned.

 5.  Click [Specify...] and set the preferences as required.

 6.  Click [Scan].

 7.  Place the next item on the scan glass.

 8.  Click the green Scan button at the bottom.

 9.  Once all of the items are scanned, click the boxes below all of the images that you wish to include in the PDF.

10.  Click the [Save as PDF file] button on the right hand side.

11.  Next to Files of type, select PDF (multiple Pages).

12.  If the PDF a descriptive name in the File Name box.

13.  Select the location that you wish to save the PDF by clicking the Browse button and choosing a location.  By default, the PDF will be saved in the My Documents folder.

14.  Click Save.

The PDF will be created and saved in the location that you specified.


If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our support group using the following link:

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Re: Pixma MP830 - scanning multi-page documents from platen

Hi, James,


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Your instructions were exactly what I needed and you have saved me a great deal of work.


I checked my User's Guide again to see if I had missed something, and it does talk about "Scanning Using the MP Navigator."  But it doesn't go into detail about how that works.  It simply says at the end of that section, "For detailed operations of the MP Navigator, refer to the Scan Guide."  I've looked for the Scan Guide several times in the past and again today, and I can't find it.  It would be helpful if the User's Guide gave some hint about where to find the Scan Guide.  It's not in the box the printer came in and it's not on the installation CD.  (Do you happen to know where I could find it?)


The thing that always sidetracked me on getting to the capabilities of the MP Navigator was the SCAN button on the printer's console.  I always assumed you had to press that button to scan something, but the options you get there are very limited.  So I always got locked in to that scanning method and missed out on the advanced functions of the MP Navigator.


I appreciate your very detailed instructions on exactly what to do.  I was easily able to get through the scanning process you described and I was absolutely thrilled when my four-page document came out all in one PDF file.  Wow!


Thank you again for taking the time to help.



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