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Pixma MG6220: printer not responding

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Unfortunately the printer is not throwing an error at all, but it complains "printer not responding" in all cases.


Wireless is not responding --


direct LAN ethernet connection, the computer can see the printer just fine, but when it goes to print a test page: "printer not responding."

Attempt to print from USB drive throws an unspecified error. 


The printer also does not 'boot up" to the point of displaying the green OK/start button on restart. Instead, the start button remains dim (or mostly dim), and the LCD goes to the home screen.


Appreciate any thoughts ... this is a very good printer, I'd like to be able to bring it back into service.


(and another question, on reflection -- this model does not have a standalone physical Stop/Reset button like most Canon printers. Instead, the button is only available when it choose to light up, which is not during a reset or restart sequence. Does anyone know a way to do a factory/hard reset with this build?)

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Re: Pixma MG6220: printer not responding

bumping in hopes of catching someone with  thoughts on it.

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Re: Pixma MG6220: printer not responding

Hi Gjentian,


I would recommend printing the network settings directly from the printer. This will let us know what the Wired LAN connection is and if the printer has a valid IP address. Please click HERE for the steps to print the network settings.


Once they print, scroll down to the section that has [Wired LAN]. From there, let us know is the link status is active and what the IP address starts with.


We look forward to your reply.

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Re: Pixma MG6220: printer not responding

Hello Arthur .... thank you very much for your reply.


I'm still working on this, have not given up. I'll post those network results when I can but I don't think they will help very much.


I tried assigning a static IP to the printer with no result. The printer cannot be pinged and the router does not show it on the network, although the printer itself reports that it has successfully connected to the network, in Settings.


I briefly was able to get it to print a job using a direct laptop-to-printer ethernet cord, but I'm not able to do that now. "Printer is not responding" or "unable to print" messages regardless of whether the connection is wireless or wired.


However, the printer still is able to print all test pages, nozzle tests and so on hard-coded into it, it just can't print a job sent from me.


I will update with network settings soon, thanks again for your reply.

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