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MX922 won't allow me to select the bottom tray

On my MX922, I need to print a 5x7 inch envelope from the BOTTOM tray. I understand for a 5" x 7" the printer will auto select the top tray, but it jams constantly. Is there a work around to print from the bottom tray?



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Re: MX922 won't allow me to select the bottom tray

In case anyone else is having this issue, here's my personal solution for tray issues. This won't work for everything, but great for envelopes.


1) I opened Illustrator (but I'm sure you could use Word/Pages).

2) I created an 8.5" x 11" (not necessary if you're using Word/Pages). On the page, I created a box for the size of the envelope laid the address where I'd like it to print. If you're using Word/Pages, this isn't necessary. It just helped me since I was using Illustrator.

3) On the 8.5" x 11" add the image/text you'd like to print. You can put this stuff anywhere on the 8.5" x 11".

4) Inserted paper into the printer (lower tray).

5) In the print settings, turn off auto rotate. Note all of your settings, you'll need these to remain the same. I saved a preset of my settings to ensure I don't change anything.

6) Hit print.


7) Look over the print and determine how you need to move the image. Print again and repeat until the image is where you'd like it to be.

- If nothing printed, try moving the image to the opposite side of the page. For example, I had the address at the top of my 8.5" x 11" and nothing printed. I moved the image to the bottom of the sheet and it did print.

- I had to really think about it a few times to rotate my image accordingly. Be patient and really pay attention. I printed 1 envelope and wrote a 1 on it/noted what changes I was making such as moving the image up or down for the next print.


Definately not the easiest solution, but I needed something now. If customer support gives me a better solution, I'll post that.



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