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MX922 scan multipage pdf


Using a new MX922, connected to wired network, input from Vista and Win7 PCs. I cannot find any section on scanning in the user guide. I want to scan 2 - 10 printed document pages into a single pdf file. I've tried both from the document feeder and placing individual sheets on the platen, but the output (either via PC or printer interface) is multiple pdf files, one for each page.

What am I doing wrong? Also tried selecting the multiple pages, clicking create pdf, but the output remains 1/1 page (?)

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MX922 scan multipage duplex pdf

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The easiest way to scan multiple pages into a single file is to initiate the scan from the printer itself while your PC is on the network.  In the printer setup screens, select pdf file, and on the Save/Forward menu tell it to send the file to the computer.  When the display comes up saying 'Forward scanned data to a PC, press OK and simply select your computer  for the file to be sent to.  Be sure you hit OK after you select Duplex instead of simply returning to the higher level of the menu, or the duplex setting will be lost.  This has worked for me for several hundred documents and is OK if your printer is close by.

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Re: MX922 scan multipage duplex pdf

Does the document go in the top -- opening the one section?


When I tell it to scan it gives me choices for the programme to use -- Microsoft Publisher opens but nothing happens.  Is this the best choice?

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Re: MX922 scan multipage pdf

Like I said, I've done hundeds of multipage duplex documents this way.  You MUST use the document feeder, not the glass surface.  Place the docs face up in the feeder and initiate the scan FROM THE PRINTER.  Check my process again and if there is any specific step you don't understand, just ask.  Can't say about Vista ( you should get rid of that ).  I've used Win 7, Win 8, and Win 8.1 and they all worked.  This probably is because you are using the printer to control the scan and it just sends the file to whatever OS in on the selected machine.  The complete single file ends up with the default name from the printer, but you can rename that as you like.


Each page is pulled in and scanned, then backed out and pulled in again for the second side before it goes to the output tray.  This is how you will know it is scanning the second side.  If this doesn't happen, your settings are not correct.


I think I also pointed out that the duplex setting is apparently lost if you don't follow all the steps correctly. 

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