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Re: MG7150 PGBK printing distorsion

Hello Lozza69er,


Thank you for reaching out to Canon USA!


Welcome to The Canon Community, and thank you for your inquiry!

We appreciate your participation, however we need to let you know that the Canon Community is hosted and moderated within the United States by Canon USA. We are only able to provide support for Canon products manufactured for and used within the US market.

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Re: MG7150 PGBK printing distorsion

My MG7120 has the same problem, I was sure it was the printhead so I ordered a new one, but to my great disappointment the problem didn't go away, I used all new ink tanks as well.  Might be time for a new brand, and I've used Canons for something like 10 years now, ever since I got my first printer.

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Re: MG7150 PGBK printing distorsion

Sorry if I reopen this thread, but I have the same identical problem, then someone solved it?

Can you help me?

thank you

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Re: MG7150 PGBK printing distorsion

I brought up the exact same issue recently on this forum, see


This issue only affects when using Page Black ink and when the printer is forced to photo mode and so uses Photo Black ink, the text is sharp - so it's not the encoder strip being 'dirty' otherwise all printing would be affected be text, graphics or photos.


I am wondering it's because I am using non-oem ink cartridges, there is a random counter being triggered by their use, and when this runs down it triggers the print engine software in the printer to mess up the printing deliberately - a bit like the recent Volkswagen issue where the engine management software determines that the car is undergoing an emissions test and so changes the engine characteristic to pass that test! Canon wants you to buy another printer.

Think about it, it affects many types of printer, using a different number of cartridges, so the print heads are different and so therefore the drive electronics all showing the same issue on paper. As other people have said replacing the print head does not make the issue go away.



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Re: MG7150 PGBK printing distorsion

If it is as you think could be a way to do for example an hard reset or a real factory reset so the printer can restart to print well. On my experience, the first time that I changed the printhead,the printer restart to print well for a very short period,Unfortunately I don't use so much the printer and when I retried after I don't remember well but could be one week the problem restart to be present,so I tried to buy again a new printhead and all new cartridge to be sure but unfortunately the problem isn't solved and now the printer just in the pgbk doesn't print well.
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Re: MG7150 PGBK printing distorsion

I'll join this club with my MG5450.


My case started with occasional B200 errors that interrupted print jobs. Tried every trick I could find - including thorough cleaning of the print head. No help. So I concluded the print head must be faulty. It probably gets too hot after some printing and then B200 occurs.

Then I ordered a new print head from China -> black PGBK distortion from the beginning. Color printing works fine. Tried cleanings & alignments. No help. Then I temporarily put the old print head back: no distortion. So I concluded my new print head must be faulty. Now this thread gives me hope/second thoughts.


I have contacted local Canon support twice. They just gave the usual cleaning instructions and proposed contacting the (very expensive) service.


I'll soon buy new - most probably a non-Canon - printer, unless the root cause is soon found. Color printing everything is so s.l.o.w.

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Re: MG7150 PGBK printing distorsion

I'm also joining the club, same issue with my Canon IX6810, any help will be appreciated.
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