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Error: Out Of Paper When Tray Is Full

Cannon MX920


I recently ran out of paper and it was a few days before I had a chance to buy some more so when I did, I reloaded the cassestte with paper and put it back into the printer and tried to print something when I get the error telling me there is no paper in the printer.


I never had this issue before, This only occured once I ran out of paper and No I didn't try and print anything when I knew the paper tray was empty.


I know that the printer is working fine and there are no jams and that the printer is able to feed the paper because when I tried to make a copy of something It gave me the out of paper error but I restarted the printer and tried again and this time it copied the paper with no issue and printed it so to make sure it was indeed working again I tried to make another copy and sure enough I got that error again so I decied to see what would happen if I restarted the printer and did what I did last time and sure enough as soon as I restarted it and it made the copy with no issue.


So I then went to my computer to try and print out something and it's giving me the "No Paper" error again



I have already searched the knoweldge base

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Re: Error: Out Of Paper When Tray Is Full

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Turn the printer off and remove the paper tray.  Remove 1/3 of the paper you have loaded and set aside.  Now take out the remaining paper and fan it.  Now put it back in the tray.  Have a peek inside the chamber where the tray is inserted, There could be a corner of a page torn or stuck somewhere even if you don't remember seeing any problems previously.  If satisfied, re-insert the tray.  Now power on the printer and retest the scan function and then print a test page.  If you get another out of paper error, restart the computer and try again.  Report your results.  

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