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DR-2580C Scanner - Windows 8 - USB 3.0 USB Hub

I've been successfully using a DR-2580C scanner on an old Windows XP laptop for several years. I now have an Acer hybrid machine with Windows 8 Pro and a SINGLE USB 3.0 port. I'd like to use my scanner with this machine. I've installed the 2580DRIT_V18SP1 driver and the OS recognizes that its there - but it is not found by any application.


The windows troubleshooter suggests that, as a USB 2,0 device, the scanner might not work with a USB 3,0 port.

On the net, I've seen the suggestion that it doesn't like to work through a hub (needed if I want to connect several devices at once) - but eliminating the hub doesn't fix the problem.


Can anyone offer help/advice?



Also, I've always used the Capture Perfect application that came with the scanner, but don't find my original CD with CP 3.0 on it. The Canon website has updates, but I can't find a copy of the CP 3.0 base version.


Anyone know where I can get this?


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Re: DR-2580C Scanner - Windows 8 - USB 3.0 USB Hub

I think, from my experience, that the Windows message about possibly not working on a USB 3.0 port is a red herring. I have finally got my old Canon Pixma working in 8.1 on a 3 port despite seeing that message. If the OS recognizes it, but the app (a Windows app?) does not, maybe Windows or the app is the issue. In MS Paint & Wordpad, if the printer isn't listed there is another option below to "Find printer". Maybe that would help.
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