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Connect MX922 to Linksys router for wired LAN

I have a Canon MX922 printer and a Linksys EA7300 router. I have three computers that I would like to have use this printer by Wired LAN. They are an iMAC with Mojave, a Dell PC with Windows 10, and a Dell PC with Windows 7. I have downloaded the printer driver software from Canon's website to each of the three computers. The printer and all three computers are wire connected by CAT5 to the router. The computers are able to get on the internet through the router, so their connections to the router are OK. The question is, can I configure the printer (and the router?) to allow each of the three computers to use the printer? If so, how? Thank you.

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Re: Connect MX922 to Linksys router for wired LAN

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Your 50% there.


Use address reservation on the router to assign the printer a static (or reserved) IP.  This is done easily since your printer is already hardwired to the router.  You will see it in the list of attached devices, and be able to specifiy an IP assignment for it.


Now you have a fixed "destination" where the printer can always be (identified) or found by its static IP.  Install the the software specific for each device.  Optionally, it will also be possible for you to install to either the wonodws or MAC systems using TCP/IP. 


MAC > Apple Menu > System Preferences > Printers and Scanners > "+" > IP.  Enter the IP address (top box), change the name below (bottom line) to something meaningful.  "Canon MX922" and add it.


Windows > Start Menu > Control Panel > Devoice and Printers > Add Printer > Printer I Want To Add Is Not Listed > Add Printer using TCP/IP or Hostname


Software installers will work too, its up to you.

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Re: Connect MX922 to Linksys router for wired LAN

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shadowsports, Great instructions! They are clear, easy to understand and to follow, and ... they're correct!


The only snag was I couldn't get the printer to show up on the router's "Network Map," even though it was connected by CAT 5 cable. And so, if I couldn't see it, neither could the computers. Turns out there's a "switch" to enable "Wired LAN" in the printer's set-up software; not easy to find, but it's there once know where to look. As soon as I clicked that, there it was, with an IP all its own.


FYI other MX922 owners with a similar issue: To get to that "Wired LAN switch", press the Down Arrow (below "OK") 7 times to "Set Up," click OK, click the left arrow one time, click OK, click "LAN Settings," click OK, scroll to "Wired/Wireless LAN Set Up", click OK. If "Wireless LAN Set Up" is showing there, it probably means the router is already configured for Wired LAN. I got help from Canon by calling the MX number at There was a long wait, but the woman who finally came on was SUPERB.


Everything works now, thanks to her and to shadowsports. I am grateful.





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Re: Connect MX922 to Linksys router for wired LAN



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