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Canon's New Support - what a shame - will be switching printers as these die

I own 3 canon Pixma MX922 printers (home, college kids house, lake house).  Great product, great printers.  Up until now, great product support - which is why I have bought only Canon printers for the last 15 years.  When you call in, you get someone that speaks english, they know what they are doing, etc...   Paying $300 for a printer, you should be entitled to a few minutes of free support.  We have only called in a couple of times with these printers when setting them up.  Had issue having  two printers set up on the same computer and they were able to help us with that...  


One of our printers went down and instead of buying a new one, we brought the one from our college kids house to our house (they are now working and didn't use it anymore).  Trying to set it up, connects to my wifi no issues, can't seem to get my computer to find it - we can print via USB but who wants to do that today.


Call in to Canon support - can't get to anyone unless I create an account.


Create an account - can't get to anyone unless I pay (PAY) for service... so I am willing to see what that costs....  can't get to a person to ask how much, options, etc..  


In the process of seeing what it costs to pay for service - I cannot see any cost for the service...  they are asking for a credit card....  I go back and forth to see what it costs.. can't see.  I end up worrying but putting in credit card info to see what the charges will be - boom, credit card charged and account active for 30 days...   STILL DOESN'T TELL ME WHAT IT COSTS - doesn't give me a receipt, etc...  


Who The Hell Has It THIS WAY.


I immediately call in to the Tech. Support line... they finally let me get to a human.  Tell them I couldn't see the cost.. they transfer me to a "manager" who tells me I should have seen the cost...  well.... I wouldn't be pissed if I had.   


He tells me he will cancel the $20 charge for 30 days of phone service.  If it had been $5 or even $10.. .maybe...  No way in heck am I paying that much for 30 days of help on a printer.  


I didn't ask any Tech support questions... and I will no longer be a Canon supporter...  Shame...  I have recommended that printer to a ton of people over the years.

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Re: Canon's New Support - what a shame - will be switching printers as these die

I sympathize with your frustrations. I recently had similar trouble with connections. I downloaded new drivers from the canon website and everything was fine.
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Re: Canon's New Support - what a shame - will be switching printers as these die

Me too.


I just spent 3 hours. Pixma iP8720 that worked yesterday, today reported error B200 with instruction to call service center.

Can't get through to tech support without account. Make account... Now no service without paying.


There is nothing physically changed about the printer - either it can be fixed by a reset or update or it can't.


If I was able to talk to support and they then informed me that it needed to go for repair, I would just go buy a new Canon printer. Now I'll go buy something else

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