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Canon MP560 empty and half empty cartridges



I have a question about ink cartridges for a Canon MP560.


Back around the 1st of April 2017 I replaced all the ink cartridges in a Canon MP560.


Since replacing the cartridges I must have printed a dozen or less pages, all were with black and white print without without any color or pictures. Some may have had a litlle  colored type.


The printer has been sitting most of the time unused turned off, as I raretly use a printer.


The other day when I went to use the printer to print black type from notepad the black type was faded and spotty. After some more attempts it printed blank pages.


So I went into maitenance and did a regular cleaning where it started printing again. However it started again to print blank pages so I started  "Deep Cleaning" several times without any results.


Taking a look at the cartridges the large black one was completely empty and the colored ones were ~1/8 to ~1/4 full . Only the small black one appears to be full.


I replaced the colored and large black cartriges and performed two or three more deep cleanings and everything seems to be working ok. Though I haven't really attempted to print colored pages the printer test does show color.


What was odd was previously when it was printing blank pages the "Print Test Page" would not print but the "Print Test Pattern" would print a good test page.


I'm wondering why the large black ink cartridge would be empty and the colored cartridges be half full?


Are the ink cartridges leaking? These were "new" non Canon Ink carts, perhaps the large black and colored carts  were defective.


The vendor said they would issue a refund or replacement.


However I'm wondering what to look for when replacing carts and how and why would the cartridges become low if they were actually full prior to installation? I think there's a vent of some sort on the top of the cartridges. Appears ink from the one side well supplies ink the to the other well with a small sponge that feeds the printer with ink.


I inspected  under the ink carts and could see no addtional ink that would indicate the carts were leaking. So I suspect perhaps the replacement carts may have been  low prior to installation as I didn't really inspect them prior to installation.






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