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Canon G6040 Windows 10 issues


I have Canon G6040 with my Windows 10 system and it works fine.
I have connected it with ethernet cable.
The problem is that it seems the drivers are not working properly.
Each time I print something most of the times the print is delayed from 15 min to 1 hour!
Also some time the printer fires up on its own and prints one documents I have already printed some hours ago.
I like the printer but I dont have the documents I need to be printed asap because of this delay.

PS: I have already deleted the drivers and reinstalled them without success.
Also I have reisntalled all my Windows 10 system (for another reason) and it does this again.

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Re: Canon G6040 Windows 10 issues

Another clue:
I have noticed that the Windows utily that make the print que is not working properly.
Now I put 2 documets for printing.
It already print one and it doesnt print the second.
The print que utility says printing but its already done.
Maybe this is the real problem of the delay.


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Re: Canon G6040 Windows 10 issues



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