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Can't send jpeg image to another person

Okay, I hope someone can help. I may be in the wrong location so tell me if so.


I have hired someone to do front/back covers for my travel book. However, when I send her the jpegs thru dropbox I did from Canon printer they seem to go blue-ish and grainy. Maybe this is my mistake, I printed a photo 4x6 and  very low but it looked great. Then I scanned it at 300 dpi but her end shows that grainy blue...


But on my side the jpegs look good.


I'm thinking I may need the original photo neg which has obviously better quality? Or is there another way to get to her computer. I thought maybe handing her a flashdrive.


If that's allowed in the mellennial world.

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Re: Can't send jpeg image to another person

Hi, jaymack!

To have a better understanding of your issue, please let everyone know the model printer you used to print. Is it a multifunction machine? Were you using the same machine to scan? Also, which software were you using to scan? 

If this is a time-sensitive matter, our US-based technical support team is standing by, ready to help 24/7 via Email at or by phone at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) weekdays between 10 AM and 10 PM ET (7 AM to 7 PM PT).


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Re: Can't send jpeg image to another person

Sorry, Canon ip7220 printer not multi-function. Scanning was MP Navigator EX 4.0. Actually printer isn't really relative but I used Canon MP Navigator scanner which was the only software except for dropbox.


Issue is this:  I printed photos from at very low resolution and then scanned them to 300 dpi. With this I can print fairly nice 4x6 & 5x7 prints but I needed to send them via drop box to the person working on front/back covers. However when she gets them they are blue-ish and grainy.


Ironically I also scanned sheet paper to jpegs and they came out fine.


But I cannot seem to transfer the 300 dpi photos to the other party without grain and blue-ish green.


The originals were 35mm films, I have some negs but as always, can't find the negs I need.

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Re: Can't send jpeg image to another person



If the images appear to look fine on your own screen, the issue may be related to how it was transferred.  Try using a different option to sent the image to the desired party.  Send the image via email to narrow down the cause of the issue.


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Re: Can't send jpeg image to another person

Found a solution...WeTransfer. Very simple and allows 2 GB for free, of which I have used now, easiest way to transfer anywhere.

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