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Re: Call to Arms for the dreaded U052 Wrong Printhead Error

Hate to tell you this, but you are S.O.O.L.

Canon refuses to tell anyone the root cause of the "problem". Given that it shows up on Old Printers Only, it is strongly suspected that this is a scam along the lines of the Break All The Windows type in NYC who owned an auto glass emporium. This scammer, back in the days when more-or-less ubitquous public cameras were just coming on line, would run around the streets of Brooklyn breaking peoples' car windows in with a bat.

Not all of the victims of this perp would end up in his shop, but enough did to make it worthwhile. Until an unknown-to-him video camera caught him in the act, at which point hundreds and hundreds of busted-out windshields were traced back to him by the cops.

Canon is doing the same with printers; only, because of the DMCA, nobody gets to see their software bricking the printers so affected. Back when this first kicked in a decade ago a class action lawsuit was filed; before discovery was complete, Canon settled (more or less with the lawyers) and everybody else, since then, has been left in the lurch. This is the poster child of why settlements for things like this should be made public.

You see, you're the idiot: You bought a Canon. They got your money, you got nothing. Except, maybe, a "discount" on the next Canon printer they will urge you to buy, said discount being less than the amount you'd get off by buying at Amazon or NewEgg.

Canon=Crooks, when it comes to printers.

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