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screen blacks out (SX280 HS)

I have two SX280 HS, and both (mis)behave the same way:  when held in a verticle position (either end) to capture the image of something verticle (skyscraper or giraffe) the screen fades to black and there is no image on the screen.  I cannot see what I'm photographing, when I hold the camera vertically.


I still press the button to take a picture, and I think there is an image captured, but it just cannot be seen when I'm looking at the screen setting up the shot.


When I first got these cameras I read about upgrading the firmware and immediately did that.  I don't think the firmware fixed anything, as the battery indicator also starts blinking during video take.


These Canons were to replace my Kodak EasyShares, but it just makes me LOVE my Kodak cameras even more -- never have the screen blackout in any position holding the camera and it takes longer videos than these new Canons.

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Re: screen blacks out (SX280 HS)

Is it possible that you are wearing polarized sunglasses when shooting the vertical photos? The screens usually have a sun glare coating to reduce glare. If you are wearing sun glasses, try removing them and see if you get better results.
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Re: screen blacks out (SX280 HS)

Thanks for the reply, smack53!  While I do wear polarized sunglasses, this blackout/fadeout occurs even indoors (when we're not wearing sunglasses).  I tried to get a vertical shot again today while on the phone with the Canon representative and the screen faded to black.  The Canon rep told me to send it in for repairs. 


What is interesting is that BOTH cameras (bought within weeks of each other) have this blackout effect.

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Re: screen blacks out (SX280 HS)

First of all I would try a camera reset, I don't think this will cure the problem though, but a try cost nothing, if this doesn't cure the problem I would be returning the cameras to where you bought them because any tampering *may* void the warrenty.


The firmware as I understand is only for the battery warning issue



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