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my a530 is awfulIt goes through batterys even with it turned off, and cant take decent close up

How do i try to get some satisfaction from canon, my erial no. is one of the ones listed as having problems.


Trying to take close ups of my late wifes jewelry and belongings are a joke, just blurry overexposed blobs.


any help is appreciated.

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Re: my a530 is awfulIt goes through batterys even with it turned off, and cant take decent close up



The A530 is quite an older model camera with no image stabilization built in. As far as the batteries are concerned, if you are not using rechargable batteries, I would get a new set of them and fully charge them. Even rechargables go dead quickly if you don't use them right away, so charge them up the night before you intend on using them. If the batteries are rechageables, then try a new set if the old ones are more than a year old.


I would also get a small tripod and mount the A530 on it. Set the camera to use a 2 second delay. If you are shooting close, make sure the camera flash is off. Set up the shot and then press the focus/shutter buttton and move your hands away from the camera. It should also be in the macro mode (flower mode) if you are shooting close up. Keep the camera at least 6 inches or more away from the item being photographed, and see how that comes out. (I have the A510 and this works real well for me.) If the photo is a bit dark, then use a small table lamp or a better lit room to get better illumination.


These suggestions are assuming you are in Automatic mode, so if things don't go well, I can give you some ideas on the manual modes.


Steve M.

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