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flash doesn't function

New XS50 HS owner.  This is my first Canon and my first "point-and-shoot.  I have had Nikon SLRs for many years (4004, N80, D50).  I have had this SX50 for about 2 weeks, and have mostly just been learning its settings and functions. 


I seem to get it to do pretty much everything it's supposed to do, but I can't make it fire the flash.  It will fire the "pre-flash", but the flash never fires. 


Its probably just a setting I haven't figured out, hopefully is not a defect.


Any help?

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Re: flash doesn't function

Look on page 260 of the user manual it will show you what shooting modes the flash is available in after you pop it up.

Also you might like to see the series of tutorials this guy did for most aspects of shooting and he used the SX50HS for all his lessons:


The SX50HS is considered a bridge camera

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Re: flash doesn't function

Thanks for the response.  I've tried enabling the flash in P mode.


Here's a step-by-step I found online.  I set it to P mode, lift the flash, and press the "flash" (lightning strike) button on the top left side.  But I don't get the display on the screen that is shown in step 3.


Curiously, the strike symbol IS displayed on the left side of the monitor, but the flash never fires.

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Re: flash doesn't function

Wow!  Just found this!  I would NEVER have figured this out!


" Bev: Did you by any chance put a cover on the hot shoe attachment? I did that and found that the flash does not work with it on. Just an idea. Sue"


I had taken to hot shoe block insert from my old Nikon D50 and put in my SX50 hot shoe.  I took it out, and now the flash works.  There is a tiny microswitch in the SX50 hot shoe that turns off the flash when it is activated.

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Re: flash doesn't function

I was also facing the same problem and was very unhappy when i was not able to capture some precious moments during holiday.

Today i was trying to figure our whats wrong with the flash and was looking for youtube video where a tutorial was given to launch the flash as per your requirement. Youtube link :


However, i was not able to activate the flash and the mode as displayed was not visible even after going through the steps.


However i find a solution to the problem. Steps are as below


1) Go to the P mode 

2) Lift the.flash

3) Press the flash button on the left side, lightning symbol button.

4) If you are able to get the mode as displayed in the video, then chose the flash firing mode always.

5) If not,  fiddle with the flash pull up  manually, there is slight problem in flash lift on my camera and i was able to solve the problem by fiddling with the flash.

6) Once after fiddling you will find the flash sensor displaying in your screen.

7) Take shot and u will see flash activated.

8) Once you reset the flash button, you need to fiddle with it again to get it reset .

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