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SX60? Why? I’m needing Happy Users to tell me....

OK, I've been/am a Canon FanBoy. But now I’m struggling to keep my alligence to the cause.


My happy Canon Route: A pair of XM2 DV Tape camcorders. PowerShots through the decades. My Pro XF300 event and news gathering camera as used by the BBC is a dream to work with. I purchased the PS SX50 some five years back and if it wasn't for the fact it has developed the “clicking” that swamps the Video audio I would not have gotten the PowerShot SX60.


So, now that you’re up to speed......


Improvements over the SX50:


1) Audio IN. Good.


Retrograde and half way developments:


1) The loss of the Textured adjustment wheel. Why? It’s so easy to feel where I am. Not now.


2) As a result of the loss of the Textured wheel has anybody learnt a successful method in locating by “feel” for those ALL important Buttons. Why has Canon done this? Retrograde step.


3) Audio in Yay 😃 ! No Audio monitoring? ☹️ 


If anybody can advise me on methods you’ve used for 2) above and anybody got a method to make a breakout to headphones. I’ve got the iRig Pre which can “interrupt” a Mic output.


Still a FanBoy, but unfortunately disappointed with the SX60. And don’t get me started on its replacement - the SX70! If SONY or any of the others had had a fully articulated SCREEN, as per SX50 and SX60 I would have jumped.

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