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SX60 Case Recommendation

I am looking for a case that will hold the SX60, Speedlite 270EX, charger and cables.


I tried the Case Logic DCB-304 and it hold the camera fine, but there is not enough room for the flash.






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Re: SX60 Case Recommendation

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Hi John:  Welcome to the forum.


How do you intend to carry your case: over your shoulder, as a pack etc?


If you are considering over your shoulder I would suggest looking at the Tenba DNA 8 or 11.  Both are messenger-style bags that should hold all your stuff, but the padded insert can be removed to let the bag be used for other things.  They feature quick access zips at the top of the bag and the DNA 11 will hold an Ipad or similar.  One good thing is that they don't shriek "CAMERA BAG".


They are made of tough materials that is water resistent, but also have a cover that is reversible for rain or sun protection.

cheers Trevor

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Re: SX60 Case Recommendation

I have a small/medium size Tamrac bag that I've owned for years and love it. I use it all the time to protect my Powershot SX60 and it is very well made, not too buky, and has padded adjustable dividers and useful compartments. I can't find my same model any more (probably discontinued?), but this one (below) looks similar. It does not have as many compartments as mine, but it looks like a nice size, is reasonably priced, and might work well for a Powershot and a number of accessories too: 

Tamrac Jazz Shoulder Bag 45 v2.0 (Black)

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Re: SX60 Case Recommendation

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This should hold it all and it is not extremely big or pricey ($25) either but bigger than that Case Logic model to hold all those items... Canon Deluxe Gadget Bag 100EG   9" (W) x 7" (H) x 5.5" (D). I use it for my SX50HS, very similar to your camera in size and I put my 420EX Speedlite larger than your 270 in there too. as well as batteries, charger, lens cleaning kit, lens hood, and remote shutter switch. Here is a link to a good video review of the bag:


The strap that is hidden in the rear compartment is used to carry the bag around the waist as a "fanny pack".

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