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Hey I have a PowerShot SX530 hs and I’m trying to figure out what lens or filters I can use with this camera to record a video podcast maybe something like a wide shot or something. Please can anyone help???
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Re: SX530

"...what lens or filters I can use with this camera..."


You got what you got.  The SX 530 isn't really designed for accessory lenses.  In fact you can damage the camera with some of them.  If you buy some filters carefully screw them on and off.  Best not to use them either, IMHO.

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Re: SX530 hs questions

I am trying to shoot in rule of 3's, but can't figure out how to manually change my camera to focus on one side of the screen or the other. Can someone help me figure this out so one thing on the edge of the screen, and everything else is out of focus?

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Re: SX530

what you get is what you get.

with compact cameras (which is what you have) you cannot change the lense or add any filters, same goes for bridge cameras. However dslr and mirrorless cameras do allow you to change lense, filters etc


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Re: SX530 hs questions

Saw that you didn't get a real answer to your question so I thought you might find this helpful. Below is a link to your camera User Guide. Scroll down to around page 70 and read the info about Shooting with the AF Lock.

Essentially you would focus on your subject in the center if the frame and lock the focus at that point. Then you recompose the image on the LCD and shoot at that locked focus setting. You might also want to read up on using the Auto Exposure locking feature as well.

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