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Powershot sx50hs + - setting

I loved my SX30 to death ... unfortunately.

When it died I bought a sx50. My main gripe is trying to use the + - feature.

On my sx30. I used the + - feature to take pictures of sunsets and clouds, and the moon. I could set the camera to -3, point it at the sunset and get details like sunspots and get multi-color layers of clouds that looked like Jupiter. I could shoot halos around the sun. I could shoot sundogs and coronas using the +- feature.

But NOT on the SX50. I can set it to -3 and point it at the sunset, or at white clouds or anything else that has white and get nothing but whiteout.

Tonight I took a picture of a sunset with a thin hase of clouds around it and it was a mass of white. These were the settings: Priority, 1/2000, iso 200, f8 cloudy, with center weight average.

I've tried using Auto, Tv, Av, M. I get the same thing. What other settings do I need to change?

Another thing I noticed, is the Screen shows the effect but as soon as I press the shutter button, it goes away.
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Re: Powershot sx50hs + - setting

...I noticed, is the Screen shows the effect... then goes away.



Will you view ( play it back ) the last photo and press DISP to see the histogram of the photo and give me what are written there to see some info to analyse.

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Re: Powershot sx50hs + - setting

I have the SX50HS also and I mostly use Program mode which is basically Auto Mode but you still have the flexibility of making adjustments like the Exposure comp. and/or any other settings too.

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