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PowerShot SX210 IS photos have blue/grey hue

I take photos of product in a well lit photo box.  Taking photos with my phone or camera are not an issue- the photos are bright and crisp.  The past several months my SX210 IS has taken photos that have a blue/grey hue to them.  The color and detail clarity are getting worse.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Is this a setting problem?  The issue is in different modes.  


Thank you for your help!


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Re: PowerShot SX210 IS photos have blue/grey hue

Greetings Kathy,

This sounds like an exposure or white-balance issue.  Shooting under bright / artificail light can be tricky  If you can post some images with exposure details, that might help.


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Re: PowerShot SX210 IS photos have blue/grey hue

In case it is a setting issue you can reset them to their defaults in your settings menu

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Re: PowerShot SX210 IS photos have blue/grey hue



Here is a recent photo.  In the box, the reds show up beautiful, bold, and bright.


My apologies, I usually just point and click and am not camera literate.  (I usually use AUTO or EASY.)  I did check the M mode and it states it is ISO 400.  Is there a different setting you are looking for?  

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Re: PowerShot SX210 IS photos have blue/grey hue

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Hi Kathy


The image you last posted looks ok. to me - the white material does not appear discoloured and the exposure looks reasonable.


To do any trouble shooting you need to have a copy of  your camera's manual.  If you don't have one go HERE to download one.


1.  To reset the camera to its default settings look at the instructions on P50.

2.  If your camera has a custom white balance set (you may not be aware you have done that) it will not be reset by step 1, it so go to P75 and follow the instructions to set the white balance to Auto.


Colours may look very different on different screens, so I am curious if you had the issue when viewing your files on say, a pad vs. a computer screen or a phone.



cheers Trevor

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Re: PowerShot SX210 IS photos have blue/grey hue

The image looks fine it just needs some photo editing, ie. increase contrast etc.

The reason images look better on your phone is because your phone probably automatically edits the images to make them look better.

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