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PowerShot ELPH 340 HS cannot transfer photos to PC

I have an ELPH 340 HS.  Have been trying to set up connection with my laptop (running Windows 7) so I can send photos to the computer.  My computer recognizes the camera. The camera recognizes the computer.  My computer says that the camera is "network connected."  I have installed CameraWindow.  Yet when I click on CameraWindow, a message pops up:  "Cannot detect camera.  Check connection to camera, then retry."  What am I doing wrong?

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Re: PowerShot ELPH 340 HS cannot transfer photos to PC

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Hello Montanagourmet, 

If the camera is not recognized correctly in a environment and the cause is unknown, follow the procedures below to delete the camera's device driver, and then reinstall it.
If the camera is not recognized by the CameraWindow software, please check whether any of the following cases may be a remedy to the problem.
  • The supported software version may differ depending on the camera you use and the operating system installed on the computer.
  • When using a camera or computer that differs from the model used initially, please download the supported version of CameraWindow. Versions of the CameraWindow for a variety of cameras/operating systems can be downloaded from the Canon homepage.
Importing problems may occur if there are too many images (more than 1,000) on the memory card.
In this case, use a memory card reader to import the images.



  • In this example the procedure is shown on the PowerShot ELPH 340 HS / IXUS 265 HS. The position of buttons, screen indications, and setting items may vary by camera model.
1. Connect the [DIGITAL Terminal] to the PC's USB terminal using a USB Cable (camera end: Mini-B).




2. Press the <Power> button to turn the camera on.



3. Click [Start] (), right-click [Computer], click [Properties], and then click [Device Manager].



4. The following appears.



Double-click [Other devices] or [Portable Devices].
  • If [Other devices] or [Portable Devices] is not displayed, the problem may have another cause.



5. The following appears.



Select the model name of your camera, or select [Canon Camera], and then click the [Uninstall] () button in the upper section of the screen.
  • If the model name of your camera or [Canon Camera] is not displayed, the problem may have another cause.



6. The following appears.



Click [OK].



. Click the [Scan for hardware changes] () button.



8. A new device driver is now installed.

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Re: PowerShot ELPH 340 HS cannot transfer photos to PC

Thanks for the suggested solution(s) to my issue.  Just a couple of comments for Canon to consider:

  • Why can't Canon use the standard cards, which I have in all of my other cameras?  Then I could just pull the card from camera, plug it into the card reader slot on my computer, and dowload directly. 
  • Why are there importing problems if there are over 1,000 images on the card?  Now I have to go out and buy a card reader?
  • Another option you gave me is to dowload images directly to computer from camera, using a USB cable.  But no USB cable came with this camera.  Unless I have the proper one hanging around the house, I will have to buy this.

Canon has taken the easy way out (for the company) in  trying to stay abreast of the latest technology--i.e. everything wireless.  In doing so, you have created frustration and a time drain among your customers.  In the future, I suggest not providing this type of technology unless it is user friendly.  That is, one should be able to get this to work with just a couple of "keystrokes" on the camera end and the computer (or phone, etc.) end.  If that technology hasn't been developed yet, offer us some alternatives that don't involve extra cost or a trip to the store. to buy items like a cable or a card reader.  Just one more inconvenience in a busy life.

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Re: PowerShot ELPH 340 HS cannot transfer photos to PC

Hi Canon support team:


Since last time I transfered my camera pictures to my laptop, it has been  a couple of months so. I confronted the same struggle before when transfer picutres. This time, my camera showed it canot find the my laptop. And why did you provide wi-fi only design? I love Powershot A 570, it's simple and very easy to use, just plug in the USB cable, that's it!


Life is very busy, like the customer said this "Just one more inconvenience in a busy life." And I would say , not all new technologies are good. Your UI design for this camera is very very unfriendly.


I wonder, is it possible to transfer my camera pictures to my laptop,using any way? Wondow8.1 ,PLEASE! And THANKS!

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