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Power sot G3 won't power up

Camera won't power after being stored without batteries
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Re: Power sot G3 won't power up

How long was it is storage ?

There are only a few things you can do or check before considering getting it serviced


First and foremost how old are the batteries ? Even though they look like they are charging and charged they may be bad.

The cheapest thing to try is a new battery and or charger.. When you turn the camera on its like booting up a small computer with mechanical features that turn on and settle to defualts. That puts a big load on the battery, a weak or battery that is shorting out will fail. Also not using a battery, charging and discharging it for an extended period it not good either.


Next or in addition see if the battery door is closing properly and is not damaged in any way. There is a sensing switch in there that will not allow the camera to turn on if the door is not closed all the way or it is damaged.


Also check for dirt and or corrosion on the contacts in the battery box as well as the batteries. If they look dirty use a high quality plastic safe cleaner like DeOxit D5. Also look for damage to the contacts too in the battery box and on the batteries contacts.


If none of the above helps then the camera has an internal problem that will require disassembly, service and or parts.

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Re: Power sot G3 won't power up

Have checked into all of the above. Went on eBay and bought an excellent like new G3. There were over 25 of them ranging from $19.95 to $60, which I bought. I am very happy with it!
Thanks for your reply
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