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Please describe your method for watching your Canon .mov's on TV, thank you

By sheer luck, I happen to have a samsung blu-ray player w/a 2.0 USB that will let me play Canon HD .mov's on my HD TV, once I load the files onto the a flash drive.  Otherwise, I don't know how I would do it.


Hoping for some replies that describe your approach.  Thanks in advance - Rob

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Re: Please describe your method for watching your Canon .mov's on TV, thank you

Hi grateful!


Thanks for posting.


Playing back video on your TV really depends on the devices you have that are capable of playing it back.  You can directly connect the camera to your TV and play the video back that way.  Otherwise, you can use your Blu-ray player.  If you can only use the player, I recommend that you contact Samsung or look over the manual for the player to determine what formats it supports.  You may continue loading the files on a flash drive, or you may be able to burn them to a disk supported by the player.


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Re: Please describe your method for watching your Canon .mov's on TV, thank you

Thanks for the reply, however, I was hoping to hear from actual camera owners as to how they view/store their .mov's.


After realizing I could now view these .mov's with a flash drive through my blu-ray, I realized I now had a storage/back-up issue.  So I bought an external blu-ray burner.  Unfortunately, the software that came with it does not support .mov file imports.  


I find this .mov format difficult to manage, as seemingly very few software packages out there for it.  To retain the HD of the original video, it appears what I will to do is now buy Apple QuickTime Pro to convert it to a format recognized by the CyberLink Media 10 Suite software that came w/the BD burner  and then burn it to BD.  That way I will have an actual backup of the photo/video, instead of just saved to my hard drive... plus I won't have load and re-load video onto a thumb drive each time I want to view home movies on my TV.  The suggestion of playing the video's directly from the camera, while technically correct, is impractical.


I really hope the above approach works, b/c I am getting tired of chasing this down.  Been a long road, with seemingly little info readily available.  Wish I had known all this beforehand. 

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