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Panorama photos with a Canon Power Shot SX 410 IS

How can I shoot panoramic photos with my PowerShot SX410 IS camera? Please include specific detailed steps to accomplish this task. My professor needs panoramic photos from my camera for nature study. Also, how can I convert regular photos taken from my PowerShot SX410 IS camera to panoramic photos with the following format: 10" x 2.3-2.5" with 200-300 pixels

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Re: Panorama photos with a Canon Power Shot SX 410 IS

I just checked your camera's manual, and there's no panorama feature built-in.   Do you have a smart phone?  Many now do have panoramic features built-in.


Having said that, are the final images supposed to be 200 to 300 pixels tall or wide?  I'm assuming tall.  You could "cheat" by just cropping a photo from your camera (cropping off the top and bottom) to have the 4:1 aspect ratio.   So, take a photo in landscape orientation at minimum focal length your camera allows for (widest field of view).  Ensure that you ensure key elements in the photo are within a horizontal band say 1/3 the height of your frame.


A more complicated solution involves taking several photos (preferably with a tripod, and bonus points for setups that account for nodal points).  Then, use software to "stich" the images together.


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