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Manual settings for underwater use

I have a S110 camera which I would like to use underwater in M (manual mode) but have trouble with "overexposure".  I set the file capture to RAW, shutter speed to 200, aperature to 8.0, and ISO to 80 and still have all the pics overexposed.


What am I missing??





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Re: Manual settings for underwater use

Are you using flash?  Or just really close to the surface?  I'm a little surprised that you're overexposing underwater with those settings.


Still, the obvious answer is to simply increase your shutter speed if you're overexposing. 

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Re: Manual settings for underwater use

We need more info to help. Are you snorkeling or diving? Is the background open water or the sandy bottom? Flash or natural light? There isn't one setting that fits all of the variables. You use a combination of aperture & shutter sped to get the correct exposure & work with the ISO to keep you within a workable range of those settings. It's a bit easier with a DSLR thanks to smaller apertures but you can still find workable settings on a P & S.

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