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Issues Re: Lens Fogging and Unit Failure in Humid Climate

In Nov. 2015 I went on a Carribbean cruise with my new PowerShot SX610HS. There was quite a difference in ambient temps going from air conditioned stateroom out to the Veranda, and I noticed the lens seemed chilled to the point of condensation. The unit still operated fine, taking great pics, etc. Come the last day of cruise, however, the unit seized up and wouldn't operate; I also lost all the pics I'd taken, as well. Smiley Sad  I came home, took camera back to where I purchased it and the store happily swapped it out for another, new one. Nothing could fix the issue of losing all the vacation pics from my first cruise which kills me! Anyway, in a couple weeks we will be taking a longer cruise in same basic region, going to U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos, etc. I am panicking about how I am going to be able to take pics and am reluctant to take this camera at all. Can you help me with some tips or a suggestion for a less expensive, possibly disposable type camera that can be reliable in the temp extremes? I want to make it home with vacation pics this time and need to avoid another total disaster, please.

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Re: Issues Re: Lens Fogging and Unit Failure in Humid Climate

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We have some advice on this quandry in the big manual that would have come with your camera. It's on page 155. 


This is what it says:



You can download the manual in its entirety HERE


We hope this helps! 

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Re: Issues Re: Lens Fogging and Unit Failure in Humid Climate

Provide a dessicant silica gel packets in your camera bag and after shooting place it in bag.

LOL where to buy this. Mine is from previous camera I bought is included with this gel.


Other option is buy a spare camera from craiglist pocket size camera of other brand that is till working.

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Re: Issues Re: Lens Fogging and Unit Failure in Humid Climate

This problem is common with ALL cameras both in your situation or the reverse when working in very cold temps. There are several methods people use to combat them but they take time when the camera temp stabilizes & during that time you can't use it. What may fit your specific needs for the trip is one of the cameras sold for rough use / snorkeling such as a Canon D30 or it's competitors. The lens will still fog up but at least the humidity won't get into the camera. The other option is a camera in an underwater housing but that's a bit extreme for this.

I do not understand how you lost the photos on the memory card though. I've seen underwater cameras flood (with salt water) but the memory card was still readible & the photos survived..

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