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Humming noise?

Hi everyone! I am new to the cannnon G7X mark two! I just bought it two week's ago! It was working perfectly fine. Without and humming noise whiling holiding it with my hand.  But now when i hold it with my hand there seems to be a really loud humming noise.  I read somethings but im still kinda lost. Because it didn't do this before!  I also tried to reset my camera settings to see if that would help, but it keeps saying its busy.  I tried holding down for 30 seconds, on power button, and with and empty memory card. Still no luck.


Any tips?


- Thank you!

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Re: Humming noise?

If it is only two weeks old, find your sales receipt and contact Canon US Support at 1-800-OK-CANON.


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Re: Humming noise?

Likely that's the image-stabilization sensor.  There's an optical element inside the lens that shifts to cancel out any camera movement.  But of course in order to do that, it first has to detect the camera movement and that's done by using a gyro.


This usually does make a low humming sounds -- but normally you wouldn't hear it unless you were in a very quiet room (it's not very noisy).  On larger lenses I've noticed it tends to be a bit easier to hear it then it is on smaller lenses.





This noise is typically loud enough to be detected if you're carefully listening for it, but it normally isn't "loud".  That is to say... YOU might hear it if you're holding the camera near enough to your head... but probably nobody else around you would be able to hear it.  


If you think it's loud as in "probably other people around you can hear it too" then that might indicate a problem.  If there's a demo model at the store where you bought your camera, I might test the demo and see if it sounds similar.  Or just contact Canon.


Since you only just purchased this camera, you should be able to exchange it.


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