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G9 Macro Via the Viewfinder?

Just got a G9 and it seems the macro function can't be used via the viewfinder, right?


You see what's happening and focusing green rectangle on the screen okay but you see nothing through the viewfinder.


One would have problems oft times anyway because of the viewfinder being offset from the axis of the lens but if it could be used that way it could still be very useful.


Because outside in the bush the sun just wipes out the screen.  I can't see anything on it.  I value viewfinder cameras so much simply because of that.


Is there some way or have I got it right,  the function just can't be properly used,  we can't focus,  if we can't see the screen?


And seeing viewfinders are not often available in cameras these days - well not down at my price point, I think - then I guess that vast majority of 'ordinary'  ( i.e. not professionals ) photographers just can't take macro shots out in the open...  right?

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Re: G9 Macro Via the Viewfinder?

If your pricepoint includes the SL2, you get a viewfinder and interchangeable lenses, like the EF-S 60mm macro which will let you get to life-size on the sensor.

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Re: G9 Macro Via the Viewfinder?

Have you tried pressing the Display button which will toggle thru your viewing options, LCD, Viewfinder or both? 

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Re: G9 Macro Via the Viewfinder?

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 I could stretch to an SL2 if I had to perhaps,  but it is not a 'pocket camera' - I find I need a camera that fits into my pocket,  that's my whole buzz sort of thing.


Smiley Happy


This doesn't seem to allow of viewing the whole thread while writing a reply so I can't cut and paste, quote, the other reply about the display and I think it not worthwhile to make a dedicated reply to it so perhaps it'll be acceptable if I just include it in here and say that whatever display type I choose makes no difference to what I see through the viewfinder.


Seems to me.


This might be a tiny thing peculiar just to me - or perhaps a big thing that many, many photographer want,  I wonder?


Me,  I like to photo ants, beetles and such,  bees at work,  even wood galls,  insides of flowers,  grass seed heads and so on and a macro facility that I can use out in the ausse bright sunshine would be great, totally great and lack of it is sometimes quite an annoyance.


what I do, of course, is photo in ordinary mode as closely as I can get and then magnify on the computer.  


I want macro because, of course, I believe that I'll get higher resolution that way.  But perhaps I'm wrong anyway?  Perhaps a macro shot actually has no greater resolution than a blowup of a max res shot?


If that were the case I could stop worrying.....  or even using macro...


I can test that for myself can't I.  I will have a go right now..


Did a test.   The macro seems to return about a 5 fold increase in resolution.


These screenshots show it.   5 pixels for one bar of the scale on the ordinary shot and 25 pixels for one bar of the scale on the macro shot.


So it would be great if I could use macro in the open but though I can see the display I can't see anything well enough to focus. 


Screenshot (129).png




Screenshot (130).png

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