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Canon Sx420is... night and fireworks, sunrise photos

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I've had the camera for over a year and each time I sit down with the book... I'm baffled


had my old Nikon with 3.2 mega pixels for years, great photos but not enough pixels


my new canon, washes out brilliant sunrise/sunsets.... no brilliant reds.. 


detail so poor on eclipes, looked like full moon, just a glowish blob... 


photos taken in doors, are yellowed...


all things that were not a problem with my old nikon on "scene" type settings... one problem is I used that camera for so long, learning a new system is confusing 


I think if I can understand these issues, I will be able to start understanding more features of the camera...

going to Disneyland today, once again thinking... the time to have learned how to work my way through the cunfusing menus and features, was a year ago.... help!


are there authorized videos?

more full instructions?


I feel that i could make a habit of the menus and features, if I can just get started.... 


are there beginner instrucions? 



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Re: Canon Sx420is... night and fireworks, sunrise photos

The 420 does not have a rich set of scene modes.


It does have a fireworks mode and low light mode for night:



For sunsets you need to learn how to adjust the exposure compensation to darken the image (try -2):


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Re: Canon Sx420is... night and fireworks, sunrise photos

thank you,

then the camera shop seller did not advise well


time for me to learn how to use without them I guess...  


thank you for the good summary





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