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Canon Powershot SX40HS Exposure Maximum Issues.

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Hello and good evening.


I purchased this camera last year, and it has performed wonderfully.  However, I have one complaint.  I am limited to a 15 second maximum on exposure.  I am skeptical of downloading a 3rd party firmware augment for this camera, as I have no idea how to UNDO any installations if I am not satisfied with how it performs.


Is there anything out yet by Canon that could address this issue?  I am not in a position financially to purchase a more powerful and professional DSLR.  Those things cost more money than I make in a month, if you take all the lenses into account.


I don't need anything fancy, though time lapse would be fun.  Mostly, I just need a way to extend the exposure past 15 seconds.


Thank you for your time.

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Re: Canon Powershot SX40HS Exposure Maximum Issues.

Hi Oldeone,


The 15 second limitation for exposure is mostly due to keep the small sensor from overheating. Since DSLR's have larger sensors, they tend not to overheat like the much smaller ones in the compact camera that you have. Canon (and the sensor manufacturer) have determined that 15 seconds is safe enough to allow long life from the sensor, so they are not likely to have any updates that allow longer exposure times. While an occasional exposure over the 15 seconds most likely won't cause any lasting damage, constant long exposures over 15 seconds can become a problem, so if you use a third party software on the camera, be aware that it could potentially void your warranty. Unfortunately this has become a very expensive hobby, so if you really need the longer exposure times, KEH camera is a good source of used equipment that could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Canon also has refurbished cameras for a fraction of the cost of a new one, and I have had very good luck with my refurbished DSLR and lenses. It was the only afforable option for me as well.


Steve M.

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