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Canon PowerShot G1 X?

I know nothing about photography or cameras. My girlfriend is looking to buy a "beginner" camera and found a used model on sale for $200. Here is the exact model for reference:

  • Is this a decent camera? I don't want to buy a lemon even if it's cheap.

  • Does $200USD seem like a fair price if it's in good condition, considering it's 6 years old?

  • Has camera technology advanced enough in the past 7 years that it doesn't make a lot of sense to go with older technology?

Hopefully this post is okay here, I've never been to this sub before and I don't know the rules about submissions. Any help you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Canon PowerShot G1 X?

I do not recommend buying used gear on Amazon.  Never.  You can expect a Moderator to come along and delete the link,.


I recommend visiting the Canon Online Refurbished Store, so that you can get a factory backed, one year warranty.  I suggest a DSLR, like the T7 or the older T6.  Both are excellent entry level cameras for beginning photo enthusiasts.


If you really want used, then look at the major online retailers like KEH, B&H, MPB, or several others.  If you do not know anything about a given vendor, please feel free to ask.  My recommendation is to avoid Amazon and eBay if yoiu are not all that familiar with the type of merchandise.


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