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Can not format memory card

Canon PowerShot SX 10 IS will not format 16GB SanDisk Ultra.  Camera says Memory card error.  Everything else seems to be working on the camera.  Is there a way to fix this problem?

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Re: Can not format memory card

I suspect you've bought a newer type of card than your camera can recognize. From the look of it the SX10 IS was released in 2008 and it won't be able to recognize the newer formats of current fast cards.

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Re: Can not format memory card

Is there a way to purchase a different type of memory card for and older camera like mine?

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Re: Can not format memory card

The specs on your camera say it will work with the following cards, SD/SDHC Memory Card, MultiMediaCard, MMC Plus Card, HC MMC Plus Card.

Some memory cards rate their speeds by a "class." Canon cameras are recommended to be used with cards rated at class 4 for SD (Standard Definition movies) and class 6 for HD (High Definition Movies) or higher because of the large amount of data being written to the card. As long as the card adheres to the following card standards, the memory card should be compatible regardless of the class or speed rating.


Secure Digital standard card supports capacities up to 2 GB.


Secure Digital High Capacity currently supports capacities up to 32 GB.


MultiMedia Card supports capacities up to 1 GB.


MultiMediaCardPlus supports up to 4GB currently.


High Capacity MultiMediaCardPlus supports up to 8 GB capacities currently.
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Re: Can not format memory card

Is the lock switch indvertently switched to "Lock"



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Re: Moving images from camera to laptop...mounting and unmounting issue

Hello, I've had this issue previously and can't remember what I did. The issue is removing the memory card from the camera and being read on my laptop. The laptop is not recognizant the card.

If I put it in the camera to unmount, it says I will loose the what's a gal to do? Help appreciated.

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Re: Can not format memory card

Check this i format SDXC 128gb (exFat ) to Fat32,


and it's working fine on my 450d canon which is running 128gb


try the link!

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