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AF mode in G9X II


I am new in photography and this is my first post here. recently I bought canon g9x ii and going through different options in menu. even after reading the manual i am confused about different autofocus modes. for example:


under AF operation: one shot vs servo

under AF method: tracking vs 1 point AF

under continuous AF: on vs off


could someone please explain the terminologies?


many thanks,

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Re: AF mode in G9X II

I don't have that camera nor the manual so this is based on the general use of those terms for the cameras I've owned.


ONE SHOT is used for stationary targets & the AF locks focus at the half press of the shutter button


AI Servo (and although not all bodies offer it which leads me to ignore it when offered) AI focus are used to track a moving target. The AF is started by the half press & as long as you hold that position the AF keeps re focusing & only locks at the moment you take the photo. 


Continuous should be the same idea as AI servo.


Tracking means several AF sensors are in use & as the moving target crosses through the area you see in the viewfinder those AF points hand off the tracking as it leaves one & enters another AF sensors area.


Single point means only the one AF sensor you pick will track (or see) your target. Handy in situations like trying to focus on a bird in a tree but it's behind several branches so you put the AF point right on the bird & lock focus on the bird rather than anything that's closer.

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Re: AF mode in G9X II

thanks a lot cicopo! much appreciated. 'constant practice' it is then.. :-)
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