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330 HS Lens Distortion

Hey folks,
I recently bought a Power shot Elph 330 HS camera. I'm very happy with it, other than one gripe.

There is some sort of warping/stretching/barrel distortion at the edge of the images. It only really matters to me with group pictures where a person is in this part of the image that is distorted.

Is there a preset filter to correct this after the fact? Is there a setting on the camera where this is less of a problem?

Thanks so much for any advice!
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Re: 330 HS Lens Distortion

This sounds like the normal outcome of the wide angle shooting. All fixed lenses have some distortion at the wide angle, especially less than 35mm. In order to compensate you will need to zoom in a reduce the distortion. I know that's not the answer you want, but unfortunately this is the result of trying to accomodate the zoom range of the camera. This type of camera does not warrant the best of lenses due to the price range, so there is little that can be done to correct this.


I'd love it if someone can prove me wrong and has a better solution for you.


Steve M.

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Re: 330 HS Lens Distortion

Thanks Steve,

I did find an ok solution.  Using Photoshop's Len Correction utility, I applied -6 to the Geometric Distortion slider and that seemed help.  Maybe not perfect, but good enough more my and my family's needs.


I'll try a tiny bit of zoom and see how that affects things as well.


Thanks for your advice!


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