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my SX160 IS showing pictures on computer but not on the camera screen


Hello, I have been using my SX160 IS for past few months and there wasn't any problem. Today I took some pictures and found out that not even one of the previous photos that I had in the camera are not showing on the screen. When I did put my SD card in my computer, I could see all of them, but I also have found out that the camera made a new folder in which it put the new photos, even though it wasn't supposed to. Before all of this I renamed my previous folders with photos, maybe it has something to do with this problem.

If anyone could help me how I can make all of my pictures again seen on the camera screen, I'd be very grateful! Thank you:)




The filename and numbers depend on the folder structure the camera defines when a card is formatted by the camera.  You cannot manually rename the folders on your SD card, and have the camera operate as intended.  It won't know what to do.  I suggest you copy all of the images off your card and store them safely in 2 locations.  One will be a back up archive.  Do not use your card as a back up for photos.  In addition, having 2-3 cards is recommended.  Swap them during shoots to ensure captured images are safe.  You can lose everything at once using only 1 card.

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