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how do you download pictures from a PowerShot ELPH 350 HS to computer with Wi FI on WIndows 10?


Somwhow, I've been able to successfully connect camera to computer via Wi FI to download pictures. But that only happened twice. This is the first Canon camera that I have owned. The people that make the decisions for Canon cameras do not have a line of communication between camera designers and the software techs. Rather than develping new software for newer cameras; they have been taking the same basic software and using it over and over again, adding additions onto it as the need arises.  Very shoddy workmanship. This is the first time I have downloaded a utility; had to look for it in the download folder. Double click on it and then double click on something else to get it going. That type of programming, a student in 1st year Programming School, would only be alowed to get away with. Very sad.

  Nevertheless, the Camera Connect program for my cell phone works effortlessly. I have been downloading my pictures to my phone and uploading them to a cloud to organize them and then share them from the cloud. It is what I would do from the computer. No problem. But, I bought the camera for the computer. If anyone has a PowerShot 350HS that has successfully mastered connecting the camera to the computer via Wi FI; with Windows 10; it would be nice if you could go through the process step by step to make it easier to uderstand.  I sure would appreciate it. 







What happens when you plug it in to USB?


WiFi camera connect to Windows 10:       this is on a Canon Power Shot ELPH 190 IS but the principles may be same or similar


First, prepare the PC:


Download drivers/software for your camera model at

Unzip the file.

Run the Canon****.exe. It Installs "Canon Utilities".
Once it is installed, go to the Windows Programs roster.
Click on Canon Utilities.

Select Wi-Fi Connection Setup. It will install by itself, and tell you when it's done.

Note:  this must be done or the PC cannot find the camera.


Next, prepare the camera:


Turn it on, top small button.
Press Menu. Scroll across to the Tools Tab.
Scroll down to Wireless settings...

Use the middle Func.Set Button for Select, use Menu to save and return to previous menu.
Scroll to Nickname...    and select.
Select the empty box and a set of letters and numbers will appear.
Enter the name of your camera.

Press Menu to save and return.

Scroll up and Select Wi-Fi Settings.
Scroll down to Check MAC Address...  select it.
Write the MAC addresst down: (example 74:BF:C0:59:AC:FB) and hit Menu to return.
(The MAC address must be added to your router's list of Allowed Devices if you have access control enabled)


Get the camera on your network:


Press the Wi-Fi button on the camera.
Select the icon of a PC to "transfer images btwn cameras".
Select Add a Device...
Select your network, enter the password.
The camera will connect to your network, and begin searching for a device.
Select the name of your PC.
Leave the camera on.


On the PC open My Devices.

Select Add a New Device.
It wil find the Canon camera, select it.


Now transfer images:


Be sure both PC and camera are on the network.
Go to the Windows 10 program roster, open Canon Utilities and run CameraWindow.




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