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Wi-Fi connection on my SX700 HS


I'm having problems with setting up my Wi-Fi connection.  I was able to connect yesterday after working with McAfee, they had to add an exception to the firewall to allow the camera to access.  Today, I am not able to connect.  I have turned off my McAfee firewall and real-time scanning to no avail.  I called McAfee again and nothing gained there, just turned off the firewall and real-time scanning.  They wanted to uninstall McAfee completely and I didn't want to do that.  I called Canon and we went through the Wi-Fi setup.  Changed some settings to automatic connect, but still no luck.  I called my ISP, Verizon, to get help from the router side and they basically said since I had Windows 10, they couldn't help me.  I erased my currect Wi-Fi settings, but it did not go into where I input the setup, the camera tries to connect as it did before I erased the settings.



Out of interest, what was the reason for Verizon not supporting Windows 10?


Is your camera connecting to your Router? You should have an admin tool that you can view what sessions are active on the router.

Verizon said they don't have a handle on Windows 10 at this point, or something to that effect.

When I try to connect my camera, it appears to be able to connect to the router, it displays the SSID and then searches for a device (my computer.)  It fails to find my computer at that point.  I called Canon again and they said the computer needs to be on Wi-Fi also.  I had my computer hard wired to the router via an Ethernet connection.  I switched it over to a Wi-Fi connection and that didn't make any difference. 

Windows 10 is over a year old. Think Verizon need a wake up. I had a similar issue with my HP printer and that was to do with dynamic IP addresses being reassigned on our home network. What I've done as a work around is to just connect the camera to the desired laptop/desktop via USB. Hopefully Canon look at discussions on this blog and are doing something about the issue.

You should be using your own router, and using your ISP only for internet service.  Otherwise, everytime your ISP changes equipment, you will have to reconfigure and reconstruct your entire LAN.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Yes Waddizzle...that is an option but if my router pops then I have to go through the same hassle. Using my ISP's router for both internet and home networking seems the more logical and best price option. And I suspect that is how 99.99% of home users would and should work. I don't think that having to delete and add hosts is the best way of doing thinks either. Why doesn't the camera app just save details of the relevant home computers and maybe give a popup message that the wifi definition is out of synch and letting you refresh and auto find the known home computers. Anyone from CANON listening to this post?


Thanks for your input guys.  I've pretty much given up on the Wi-Fi connection and will be using a USB cable.  I was excited about the Wi-FI feature when I bought the camera... oh well. Man Frustrated

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