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SX710 HS Display focal length? Macro Photography


I have a SX710 HS. Is there a way to display the focal length at the current zoom setting? I can see the value for the focal length in the image file if I copy a photo to my computer and look at the file properties, but I don't see it on the camera display or in playback mode when I display the image information.


I want to know the focal length for macro photography, I like the angle of view on a 100mm equivalent lens.


Otherwise, if anyone has any tips on doing macro photography with a zoom lens I'd appreciate hearing them. The problem I have is deciding whether to use a wide angle and getting close or using a lot of zoom and getting more magnification. Right now I just look at the display and try different zoom settings and use what looks best. Is there a better, more systematic way to choose a zoom setting for macro photography?






Doesn't the Canon software have the ability to tell you the focal length used for each image file?


As far what focal length is best to use for macro photography, that would depend upon what you are shooting: how big it is, and how close you can get to it.  I should note that using long focal lengths tends to "flatten" images of subjects, compared to using more standard focal lengths.  You will have to be the final judge for each shooting scenario.  Take a variety of pictures at different focal lengths, shutter speeds, aperture values, and ISO speeds.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I think during shooting it will only display the digital zoom factor not the optical zoom. During playback all the info should be available...I think he wants to see what it is before he takes the shot?


I'd try pressing the display button maybe it is there during shooting

Zoom is adjusted with a rotating button, called the optical zoom lever.  The lever provides a crude indication of what the current zoom setting, or focal length, is in use.  I would suggest experimenting with the position of the zoom lever to find what focal lengths correspond to what positions of the optical zoom lever.  Refer to the illustration page 21 in the Instruction Manual.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

If the zoom lever stayed put after the shot was composed that could work but it returns to center when released. I guess he could peek at the position before releasing the zoom lever but that would be very crude and awkward for me at least. Perhaps some markings on the lens somehow? I know they sell adhesive rulers as long as it doesnt interfere with the lens retracting etc? To bad the lens isnt laser etched