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SX530 Image


Hi guys! So i bought my first camera and got it yesterday. Was really excited as i have been using my phone and really wanted to get a "real" camera!


Anyways my issue is, i took some pictures this moring and they look fine when viewed normally on the computer but when its zoomed it, it looks a bit weird to me... As if there is too much noise...


I dont know if i am over reacting or not doing it right or i am expecting too much from this cam.


Please i would like to hear your honest views as i new to this thing Smiley Happy


Thanks in advance!




EDIT: It does not look that bad now i upload it...  Smiley IndifferentIMG_0101.JPG




That's a beautiful shot!


I am not sure where you are seeing graininess but I see alot of detail in the leave, butterfly, and the water droplets. I really like the photo!


I was considering a point and shot (own a SL1 Rebel) and the SX530 looks like a good camera --


Just my thoughts that you took a great photo!


Thanks Annie! It's just that I feel I should have gotten more out of it.. I actually take awesome pics with my Samsung S3. But this to me is maybe just a bit above the S3 in terms of noise and color.. If i dont use the vivid option I lost alot of color and background becomes really ugly especially with close up shots. I'll use it until I can buy a DSLR but i believe I need something I can have more control over.. Just can't afford it yet lol...

The background will blur due to depth of field from zooming into the butterfly. I am not sure if you know that.


If you don't want that effect, you could try not zooming and then just cropping your photo to the butterfly. But I think that could cause graininess too -- I haven't tried it yet. 


Best suggestion I have is to try different focal lengths and compare.


I am guessing too that as you zoom in, the ISO goes up (and hence the graininess) to handle the zoom (sorry, I don't have all the technical jargon to explain this!).


I have not tried any other cameras and phones (but would be nice to compare!) so cannot offer any thoughts on the differences with the Samsung. I do see lots of great shots with Apple and other phones.  I've told myself though if I decide to get another camera I will demo first. I don't know where you live but the camera shop here where I live offers demos -- beats spending lots of money and discovering I don't like something!


BTW: an entry level DSLR camera will not break your piggy bank. I got my SL1 with 18-55 mm lens for under $600, less than some/many point and shot cameras.


I hope you enjoy learning how to create satisfying images with the camera -- I am anyway.


All the best!



Hi Annie! I do know about debt of field etc. That's not what I was talking about i was talking about the color variations when it's zoomed. As for ISO I shoot most of those day time shots below 400. But as I was saying, i believe I was expecting too much...

As for where I am from. I am from Jamaica and I bought this cam on amazon, out here camera's are expensive and buying a camera over 200 dollars (for me currently) is waaaaaaay expensive as our dollars have little value.

So I was hoping to use this cam to take and sell pix online and hopefully one day buy an entry level DSLR.

But im going to keep trying different methods as i go along and i believe I will find something I'm comfortable with... I was mostly into macros with my phone (trust me it was haaaaaaard) so I was hoping it would be easier with the cam. But now I noticed need to buy an additional lense which I am hoping to get soon.

If you are on instagram you can check out some of my pix @jfranc530 (recently change my name for my new cam he he he he he)

Thanks soooo much for your explanation and your time for sharing your thoughts and suggestions! It's much appreciated! Looking forward to seeing some if your work! 😊
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