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PowerShot G7 X Mark || camera, can't connect to phone


I have a PowerShot G7 X Mark || camera, trying to connect to Samsung Galaxy A13 5G phone using Wifi.

The camera displays the 'Waiting to connect' screen with the SSID and Password. I connected the phone Wifi with that SSID and Password, and it shows connected.

Started the Canon Camera Connect app on the phone, selected Reconnect and WiFi, and 'Camera is now ready to connect' and Next. It shows the correct Connected network (the SSID), but the Camera is not connecting. It just displays the 'Waiting to connect' screen. 

I followed the steps in the Canon camera User Guide for Wi-Fi Functions, but it just won't connect.

Are these the correct steps, or is there another way to connect the camera to the phone?



Product Expert
Product Expert


I would first suggest checking the Google play Store to make sure you are using the latest version of Camera Connect, it may even be helpful just to delete the app first and install it as-new from the Play Store. If that does not resolve the issue I would next reset the entire Wi-Fi connection in the camera. Here are some steps:


1. Access the camera's menu by press the <MENU> button.
2. Select the [Set up (Yellow)] tabs.
3. Select [Wi-Fi function]
4. Select the [Connect to Phone/Tablet] icon.
5. Select [Review/change settings].
6. Select [Change set.].
7. In the Connection Method window, leave the current setting and select [OK].
8. Once you get to the Waiting to connect window, you will see the camera's SSID and the Encryption key. Write this Encryption key down as it is the Wi-Fi password that you would enter on your mobile device.
9. Connect to the SSID on your iPhone through the wireless network settings.
10. open the Canon Camera Connect app. Within ten seconds the app should recognize your camera and ask to connect.
11. touch camera model name in the app to connect.
12. If [All Images] is set on the camera LCD screen, press the [SET] button. Now you should be connected.



I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the Canon Camera Connect on the phone, but still can't connect phone to the Camera with WiFi. The Camera just sits there 'Waiting to connect' msg.

Tried to reset WiFi setting, but don't see the Wi-Fi function in the Camera settings.                              Selected the [Set up (Yellow)] tabs. But don't see [Wi-Fi function] option, it says [Wireless settings].          Selected that. But after that don't see [Connect to Phone/Tablet] icon. The only options under Wireless settings is;

Wi-Fi Settings                                                                                                                                             Nickname                                                                                                                                                       Reset Settings

Selected Wi-Fi Settings, Under that is                                                                                                           NFC (on)                                                                                                                                                     Password (On)                                                                                                                                                Target History (On)                                                                                                                                        Resize for Sending

So don't see [Connect to Phone/Tablet], or [Review/change settings] 




Hi netrrod,

I apologize for the miscommunication in our previous reply. The menu options in that reply are for a different camera model. Looking at your original post you are following the correct series of steps to connect your camera and phone. You wouldn't be able to get to the point where the app says the camera is read to connect if you weren't following the correct steps. 

It would be good to try resetting the wifi on the camera and setting a new Nickname. Sometimes if the camera wifi and Nickname hasn't been refreshed in a little while it can cause communication issues like this.

To reset the wifi press the Menu button, go to the fourth page under the yellow wrench icon, select Wireless Settings, and choose Reset Settings. Once you've done that go back into Wireless Settings, go into Wi-Fi Settings, and turn on the Wi-Fi. Once you've done that the camera will have you set a Nickname. On that screen add or change some characters so the Nickname is different from what it used to be. Once you've done that try connecting the camera and smartphone again.

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