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PowerShot ELPH 360 HS Takes Five Photos Instead of Just One


I need help! It's a good camera. For some reason when I try to take a pic of something the camera takes five shots. Then it stores the shots I've taken in 'sets' for some reason. I can't get it to take just one photo of something. It's frustrating and my only alternative is to toss it and get something else. I don't know what I did and don't know how to undo it!! Can someone help me to get it back to just take one shot???Thanks!



Have you perhaps enabled high-speed continuous shooting? See page 52 of the User Manual.

I didn't see any mention of "bracketing" or "HDR" in the manual, so not sure if the camera is capable of taking multiple shots at different exposure levels. But that was another thought that crossed my mind.

Anyhow, recommend to reset the camera's settings (see page 120 in the above user manual link for details):

  • Access the [Reset All] screen.
  • Choose [Reset All], and then press the [FUNC. SET] button
  • Press the [◀︎][▶︎] buttons to choose [OK], and then press the [FUNC. SET] button.

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I suspect that you've accidently moved the switch on the back of the camera from "Auto Mode" to "Hybrid Auto Mode". It would be easy enough to do so and not realize it.

Download a copy of the user manual linked below, if you haven't already done so. Pages 28 and 44 will help explain what is going on.

They're kind of an odd special feature but you might consider experimenting with them to see if you like the results. 🤔


Did you get your problem sorted out? If so, please reply here so other users can use the info to fix a similar problem they might be having.


Yes I did. Thank You!!


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