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No volume on TV when I connect SX70 HS via HDMI and play a video


Hi, when I connect my SX70 HS to TV via HDMI and play a video I don't get any sound on TV. This used to work earlier, so I am confused. I don't see any specific setting for this either in the camera or TV. Any help on this is highly appreciated.



The manual says nothing at all about sound over HDMI.

You can try a different cable, but it could be that your HDMI port is damaged. This can happen if you put too much strain on it.

Product Expert
Product Expert

hi there,


one thing i would check is that the playback volume is turned up. When you start to playback a clip use the up and down arrows on the camera to adjust the volume. Otherwise I'm not sure exactly what might be causing that but it would also be good to confirm you can hear audio when you play the clip just on the camera if you have not done so already.