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G Series Cameras -- Longest Shutter Speed in Av Mode


Is there any way to get a shutter speed longer than 1 second using a G camera (I use the G1X) ?


I have been using Av and Auto Exposure Bracketing to get some twilight shots that I would like to process using HDR.  I would like all to be taken with the same f/stop (so I don’t want to use ‘Safety Shift’).  The problem is that, using Av/AEB (normally the easiest way to bracket for HDR) I am bumping into the 1 second Av Shudder Speed Limit.


Is there any way, using a G1X, that I can get 3 shots, taken with one button press, and have all 3 exposure shot with the same f/stop and ISO, such that the longest shutter speeds can go beyond the 1 second limit?






I suspect you'll have to shoot in M & one photo at a time but check your manual on what it can do in M. My G9 says it can do up to a 15 sec exposure. Manual mode should allow you to set the desired aperture & ISO but you'll have to set the shutter speed as needed.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

That is what I was afraid of.  That is not a good option for HDR because it is virtually imposible to adjust the settings and reactivate the shutter without moving the camera a little (at least with the small gorilla pod that I use with this camera that I bought because I wanted somethig excellent but very portable.)


I hope Canon removes the training wheels from the G1X II.

This would not have been an issue 10 years ago (i.e., G3) becuae HDR wasn't really popular back then; it is huge now.

I haven't looked at the specs for the new model but if the original one had a much closer macro mode I'd likely have bought one for my underwater photography. The G9 still does a nice job but a bigger sensor would allow higher ISO's without more noise.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

I think you will like the G1 X Mark II -- at first glance, the upgrade is all about the lens!

I saw the spec, shutter speed is available up to 60s on Tv and M mode only. And they don't let you do AEB in M mode.
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