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Canon Powershot SX530 HS bricks when taking a picture


I searched but couldn't find this topic. When I take a picture with my camera, the viewfinder goes black and none of the buttons work. I can't even power off the camera. The only thing that makes a difference is taking out the battery. I've tried 3 different batteries and 2 SD cards, all the same result. It shoots video fine and it's all good and well until I press the shutter. Every setting has the same effect: seems to take the photo but then I get a blank screen and no response from anything. No zoom, no review, nothing. Has anyone had this problem? I've tried reformatting memory cards, leaving the battery out for an extended period, resetting to factory settings. Nothing has made any difference. I can't find the reciept but I think the warranty has expired. It sucks though because I've taken care of it and it's only a bit over a year old.



Are you using a full sized SD card or a Micro SD card with an adapter?

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Smitha46,


Thank you for posting.


Unfortunately, your camera will require service to resolve this issue.


You may set up the repair of your camera here: When accessing our site, we recommend the use of updated versions of the Chrome or Firefox browsers.


Once on our site, click on "Request Product Repair". On the next page, begin entering your camera's model, then select the appropriate model, when it appears below. Next, fill in the information on this page, and those that follow.

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Try removing the battery, hold the on switch in the on position and pressing the shutter button several times. Before you go sending it off for repairs check new and used prices on that camera model. Because no one can give an exact cost to repair it, you will only get an estimate in most cases. and the final cost may be higher or close to a new one or working used one.

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