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Blurry Images Despite Using Auto Focus - Need Help with My Point & Shoot Camera!


I've noticed that despite using the auto-focus feature on my camera, the images I capture are turning out quite blurry. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the camera itself or if I'm missing something in terms nexus iceland portal   Competitive Rate of pay, epay Login, Workout Schedules of settings or technique. I've been using this camera for a while now, and I haven't had this issue before. Has anyone else experienced this problem with their point-and-shoot camera?



I do not use Point and Shoot cameras.  Which model are you using?

Can you post a sample photo of the issue?  Include the exposure settings and camera AF settings. Thanks, ahead of time.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


There are many reasons why a photo can be movement, subject movement, slow shutter speed, distance too close,  too little depth of field, on-and-on-and-on.  Not to speak of a malfunctioning camera.

Are you saying that ALL photos are blurry? Or just some?

Since you don't say anything about how you are using the camera, it is not possible to give you an answer. Share some information with us.

"Since you don't say anything about how you are using the camera, it is not possible to give you an answer. Share some information with us."

You have it right. I find increasing numbers of posters provide little or nothing in terms of detail regarding their problem beyond some vague and minimal generalities, and so it becomes an exercise in trying to drag information out of them across many posts. I don't bother anymore. Generally, after a couple of exchanges the OPs completely vanish from the thread anyway. 

Yeah. Don't know what some people are thinking.

The majority of the people that you describe are not “fluent” in Photography.  They do not speak the language.  They may have little to no background, and so they describe the problems in the best way they can.  The best effort is too often seems vague and nondescript.

I do not fault them for lacking in-depth knowledge about the basics of photography.  So I try to ask them “easy” questions such as the setting on their top Mode Dial.  Can you post a sample image?  Is this a new problem or an ongoing problem?

I try to stay away from a deep dive into camera settings..  For most, resetting the camera to factory defaults is too much of a deep dive for many people to handle.  Besides, doing so does not fully reset the camera, anyway.  So, I ask them to switch to Green [A+] mode to see if the problem goes away.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I understand where you're coming from, and I am not completely unsympathetic to their plight. But too often it is a major struggle just to get them to download the full PDF and study it, which would solve most of their problems. Many of them display a mental laziness and want to be spoonfed. That's what I am seeing far too often.

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Try resetting the camera settings back to factory defaults.