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ip8500 in error state



I have an ip8500 that has performed faultlessly for many years. Now it is stuck in a error state ( 5 orange flashes the 1 green ) which will not clear. Have tried various reset suggestions found online but nothing works. Occasionally after leaving it switched off for a few days it will print normally for about 10 pages, then the error returns


Any ideas ?


Mark S

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Re: ip8500 in error state

Hi stan_ip8500,


The five flash error is and indication that your PIXMA iP8500 is experiencing an intrnal error.  Resetting your PIXMA iP8500 may resolve this issue.  Please follow these steps for isolating and resetting the your PIXMA iP8500:


 1.  Open the printer's front cover, and then open and close the print head lock lever (do not remove the print head).


 2.  Make sure all ink tanks are seated properly.


 3.  Make sure all packing materials have been removed.


 4.  Make sure no paper is jammed in the printer.


 5.  Disconnect the printer cable from the printer.


 6.  Close the front cover and turn the printer off.


 7.  Unplug the printer from the power source, and then plug it back in after 30 seconds.


 8.  Power on the printer.


 9.  Attempt to print a Nozzle Check pattern by holding down the Resume button until the Power light flashes twice.


If the error returns, please contact our support group using the following link:

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ip8500 washed out colors

Hello, I' m new to the forum and I do not know if this the right way to upload my problem.

I have a pixma ip 8500 printer which started to print in washed out colors. It happens even when printing text documents. I have photographed the printhead alignment check and I upload the images for you to see, what is the situation. I have  cleaned the print head and deep cleaned it. Then I cleaned the print head with warm water to unclogg it but the problem remains. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.nozzle check_20210808.jpgprint head alignment_20210808.jpg

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Re: ip8500 washed out colors

Hello Piki,


The nozzle check looks like the nozzles are clogged or there is a problem with the tanks loaded in the printer. In this situation, you can reseat the ink and print head using the steps in the link provided HERE. While the ink tanks are out, make sure there is no packing material still stuck to the tanks.


If reseating the ink and print head did not resolve the issue, you can try cleaning the print head nozzles using the steps in the link HERE.


If you have tried the options above and still have the issue, it would mean the printer needs service. You can log into your Canon account using the link HERE to see what options are available.

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